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Manchester United - ANSWER YOUR CALL

(Created as a part of my coursework at the University of Leeds)





As a part of my MA Advertising and Design course, the students had received a special brief from TBWA\Machnester to create a campaign to increase number of visitors to Manchester United's Old Trafford museum. The brief suggested using the prize for the 5 millionth visitor as the incentive.


However, the Manchester United fans don't care much for the prize as they felt that it would be unlikely to be the winner. While the prize could still be used as the call-to-action, the campaign must address a deeper insight among the fans. Hearing my father (also a Manchester United fan) described his own visit as "A must not a choice", I decided to create a campaign that would flame the fan's instinct. Visiting the Old Trafford should be recognised as a ritual to push every fan in the world to make at least one visit.

This insight became 'Answer Your Call' campaign, which I had the opportunity to present to TBWA\Manchester. The agency selected a few students based on the quality of their proposed campaign to receive short placements, and mine was one of the selected campaigns.


Parts of the campaign proposal are presented below.

The magazine adverts

A large flash mob will migrate through the city chanting the name of the team and campaign.

The microsite will show a countdown on the number of visitors as well as feeds from social media.

At the end of the tour, visitors can use a special photobooth, which will put them in front of a large digital crowd, and share the image on their social media.

Lastly, the campaign will make a short documentary about the winner to show in the microsite and the press release. A shorter version will be aired on TV channels. This will function as both a tribute to the passion of Manchester United fan as well as a call-to-action for those who still haven't made their trips.

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