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These are some of the identity designs that I have created.


TINY NEST is a Thai boutique baby brand which specialises in fabric baby-wraps. The owner needed a logo that can be both whimsical yet highly recognisable. As the name already suggested a visual, I decided to go with it.


I designed both the logo and the packaging for the brand.

WITTY VILLE is a Thai bakery with a playful personality. The owner wanted to have a series of characters that she could potentially use to accompany the product, so I decided a series of woodland creatures for her along with the logo.

AT HOME is a Thai cafe in a homey neighborhood. The owner prefers a less polished look with a focus on cute elements as she wants to attract families. Aside from the logo, I have provided her with varios illustrations to be used inside the cafe as well as on the merchandises.

MILWAUKEE HEALTHY NEIGHBOURHOODS INITIATIVE is a small non-profit organisation in Milwaukee. They wished to develop a cleaner and more modern look that could set them apart from other similar organisations. Using the negative space as the inspiration, I turned the silhouette into geometric shaps which became the minimalistic logo.

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